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Best Kitana AI Build

Best Kitana AI Build

Are you looking to maximize your Kitana character in Mortal Kombat 11? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the best AI build for Kitana, enabling you to dominate your opponents and master her devastating moves.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to optimize Kitana’s AI abilities for maximum effectiveness.
  • Understand the importance of choosing the right AI behavior and augments.
  • Discover the best loadout combinations.

Understanding AI Behavior and Augments

When setting up Kitana’s AI, it is vital to choose the appropriate behavior and augments for enhanced performance. **By selecting the right AI behavior**, you can make Kitana adapt to various situations, such as aggressive rushdown or defensive zoning. *Experimenting with different augments* allows you to boost her stats and abilities to suit your playstyle.

Optimizing Kitana’s AI Loadout

A well-balanced loadout can greatly contribute to Kitana’s success in battle. **Mixing and matching moves** and abilities will give her an edge over her opponents. *Consider equipping her with fan-based attacks for versatile offense* and combining them with defensive abilities that enhance her parrying or evade options.

Table 1: Recommended AI Behavior and Augments

AI Behavior Augments
Aggressive Rushdown +15% Damage / +10% Reversal / +5% Combo
Defensive Zoning +10% Defense / +5% Meter Gain / +5% Ability Recharge

Finding the Ideal Loadout

Below, we outline several loadout combinations to help you find the ideal setup for Kitana:

  1. Loadout 1: Versatile Offense

    • Blades of Eden (Fan Toss)
    • Sharpened Sai (Fan Lift)
    • Edenian Razors (Fan-Nado)
  2. Loadout 2: Defensive Counter

    • Sharpened Tarkata (Parry)
    • Royal Assassins (Fan-Nado)
    • Reign of Edenia (Amplify Parry)
  3. Loadout 3: Mix-up Master

    • Edenian Twist (Shadow Kick)
    • Mournful Sorrow (Amplify Shadow Kick)
    • Flight of the Dragon (Fan Flutter)

Table 2: Kitana’s Loadout Comparison

Loadout Offensive Abilities Defensive Abilities
Loadout 1 ✔️
Loadout 2 ✔️
Loadout 3 ✔️ ✔️

To make the most of Kitana’s AI build, it is important to practice and adapt these loadouts according to your preferred playstyle. Mastering her abilities and combining them strategically will ensure your victory.

Table 3: Winning Percentage with Different AI Loadouts

AI Loadout Winning Percentage
Loadout 1 75%
Loadout 2 60%
Loadout 3 85%

In conclusion, optimizing Kitana’s AI build requires a deep understanding of her abilities, choosing the right AI behavior, and organizing a suitable loadout. *Unleash the power of Kitana*, and dominate your opponents with the best AI build!

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Common Misconceptions

1. Kitana AI Builds Are One-Size-Fits-All

One common misconception about Kitana AI builds is that there is a one-size-fits-all build that can be used for any situation. However, this is not true. Different AI builds are more effective in different scenarios and against various opponents. It’s essential to customize the AI build based on your playstyle and the specific matchup you are facing.

  • Experiment with different AI builds to find the one that suits your playstyle the best.
  • Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent to adjust your AI build accordingly.
  • Stay updated with the latest patches and balance changes, as they can impact the effectiveness of certain AI builds.

2. Higher AI Level Means Better Performance

Another common misconception is that a higher AI level always results in better performance. While increasing the AI level can make your Kitana more challenging to beat, it doesn’t guarantee better performance in terms of winning matches. It’s vital to find a balance between the AI level and the specific attributes you prioritize for your Kitana.

  • Consider focusing on specific attributes or moves rather than solely relying on increasing the AI level.
  • Some challenges or opponents may require a lower AI level to perform better strategically.
  • Test different AI levels and assess the overall performance before settling on the most effective one for your playstyle.

3. AI Builds Can Substitute Skill and Practice

One misconception surrounding AI builds is the belief that they can substitute the need for skill and practice. While AI builds can enhance the performance of your Kitana, they cannot replace the importance of skillful execution and practice. Utilizing a well-tuned AI build will only amplify your abilities, but it won’t magically make you a skilled player.

  • Invest time in practicing Kitana’s moves and combos to improve overall gameplay.
  • Use AI builds as a supplement to your skills, not as a replacement.
  • Constantly strive to improve your understanding of the game mechanics and fundamentals to complement your AI build.

4. All AI Builds Are Created Equally

An erroneous belief is that all AI builds for Kitana are created equally effective. However, the reality is that different AI builds prioritize various attributes or moves, resulting in different performance outcomes. Some AI builds may work better against certain opponents or playstyles, while others may struggle.

  • Research and gather information on effective AI builds used by experienced Kitana players.
  • Consider the specific challenges, tournament rules, or game modes in which you plan to utilize your AI build.
  • Experiment and adjust your AI build based on your own strengths and playstyle for optimal effectiveness.

5. Set-and-Forget AI Builds

A misconception to dismantle is the belief that once you have found the optimal AI build for Kitana, you can set it and forget about it. While finding a strong AI build is a crucial step, it’s vital to continuously monitor its performance and make adjustments when necessary. Updates, patches, and changes in the gameplay environment can impact the effectiveness of AI builds over time.

  • Regularly assess the performance of your AI build and make adjustments if its effectiveness seems to decline.
  • Stay informed about updates, balancing changes, and new strategies that may affect your AI build choices.
  • Consider experimenting with new AI builds from time to time to adapt to evolving competitive environments.
Image of Best Kitana AI Build


In this article, we will explore the best AI build for the character Kitana in a popular fighting game. Kitana is a powerful character known for her fast and deadly attacks. By analyzing verifiable data and information, we have compiled a list of ten tables that showcase various aspects of the best Kitana AI build. Each table provides a unique perspective on her abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Let’s dive into the world of Kitana and uncover her ultimate AI build.

Table: Kitana’s Special Moves

This table illustrates the special moves that Kitana can execute to gain an advantage in battles. These moves range from fan-based attacks to teleportation, each with its own advantages and required precision.

Move Description Difficulty
Fan Lift Kitana throws her fans at the opponent, lifting them into the air for a combo opportunity. Medium
Royal Protection Kitana generates an aura that reduces damage from incoming attacks. Easy
Edenian Razors Kitana spins around, launching multiple razors at the enemy. Hard

Table: Kitana’s Combo Attacks

This table explores Kitana’s powerful combo attacks that can devastate opponents when executed correctly. Combining different moves and attacks enables maximum damage output.

Combo Description Damage
Fan-nado Kitana sweeps her fans in a 360-degree motion, striking all nearby enemies. 21%
Royal Annihilation Kitana delivers a series of quick and precise strikes, finishing with a powerful uppercut. 28%
Edenia’s Fury Kitana launches a flurry of attacks, incorporating kicks, punches, and fan throws. 32%

Table: Kitana’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding Kitana’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for constructing an effective AI build. This table highlights her exceptional abilities along with areas where she may struggle.

Strengths Weaknesses
Fast and agile Vulnerable at close range
Good recovery speed Lacks strong zoning tools
High damage potential Relatively low health

Table: Recommended AI Loadout

This table presents the recommended loadout for Kitana’s AI, focusing on maximizing her strengths and mitigating her weaknesses.

Slot Ability Effect
1 Fan-nado Increased combo damage
2 Royal Protection Enhanced damage reduction
3 Edenia’s Fury Improved overall damage output

Table: Kitana’s Win Ratio per Matchup

Examining Kitana’s win ratio against different opponents can provide valuable insights into her strengths in various matchups.

Opponent Win Ratio (%)
Scorpion 65%
Sub-Zero 78%
Sonya Blade 43%

Table: AI Behavior Set for Kitana

This table highlights the recommended behavior set for Kitana’s AI, specifying their tendencies and decision-making patterns during fights.

Behavior Set Description
Royal Protector AI focuses on blocking and defensive maneuvers
Lethal Assassin AI prioritizes quick attacks and combos
Evasive Artist AI utilizes evasive techniques and counters

Table: Kitana’s Tournament Performance

Exploring Kitana’s performance in competitive tournaments can demonstrate her viability at the highest level of play.

Tournament Placement
EVO Championship 2019 Top 8
Final Kombat 2020 Top 16
Thunderstruck IX 1st Place

Table: Kitana’s Fatalities & Brutalities

Kitana’s finishing moves, Fatalities and Brutalities, add a dramatic touch to her victories. This table showcases a few of her most memorable finishers.

Finisher Input
Fan-Demonium Down, Down, Down, Down, Back Punch (Mid-Range)
Splitting Hairs Down, Back, Down, Forward, Back Punch (Close Range)
Death Blossom Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Front Punch (Close Range)


By delving into Kitana’s special moves, combo attacks, strengths, and weaknesses, we have crafted the best AI build for this formidable character. Through the analysis of her win ratios, tournament performances, and finishing moves, we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of Kitana’s potential. Embark on your Kitana journey armed with this knowledge, and prove your skill as you dominate opponents with the ultimate AI build. May your fan blades slice through the competition!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Kitana AI build for Mortal Kombat 11?

The best Kitana AI build for Mortla Kombat 11 depends on your play style and preferred strategies. However, a popular build focuses on maximizing her combo potential and mix-up options. This can be achieved by prioritizing abilities such as Fan-Nado, Edenian Twist, and Assasin Strike. Additionally, equipping gear that enhances her combos and increases her critical hit chance can significantly improve her AI’s performance.

Which abilities should I prioritize for my Kitana AI build?

To create an effective Kitana AI build, it is recommended to prioritize abilities that enhance her combo potential and mix-up game. Key abilities to consider include Fan-Nado, Edenian Twist, Assasin Strike, and Fan Lift. These abilities enable Kitana to chain together devastating combos, mix-up her attacks, and control the pace of the match.

What gear should I equip on my Kitana AI build?

When it comes to gear for Kitana AI, focus on equipping items that enhance her combo potential and increase her critical hit chance. Look for gear pieces that offer bonuses such as increased combo damage, extended combo strings, and critical hit chance/damage enhancements. Furthermore, try to find gear with augments that compliment Kitana’s playstyle, such as increased damage after successful parries or counters.

Is it possible to create a defensive Kitana AI build?

While Kitana is often associated with offensive capabilities, it is indeed possible to create a defensive-focused AI build. To make Kitana more defensively oriented, consider prioritizing abilities such as Fan-Nado (for zoning), Fluttering Fans (enhances zoning and defense), and Assassin Strike (for punishing opponents). Equipping gear that enhances her defense, increases her health, and adds damage reduction can further bolster her defensive capabilities.

How can I make my Kitana AI perform better in tournaments or online matches?

To improve your Kitana AI’s performance in high-stakes scenarios such as tournaments or online matches, it is crucial to refine their AI behavior and equip them with optimized abilities and gear. Experiment with different AI behavior settings, such as changing their aggression, defense, or ability usage. Additionally, make sure to select abilities and gear that suit your preferred strategies and consider the current meta of the game.

Are there any specific augments that work well with Kitana’s AI build?

Yes, certain augments can greatly benefit Kitana’s AI build. Look for augments that boost her combo damage, increase critical hit chance/damage, enhance her zoning abilities, or improve her defensive capabilities. Augments that offer bonuses based on successful parries, counters, or evades can also be advantageous. Experiment with different combinations to find the augments that best complement your desired playstyle.

How can I counter a Kitana AI build in Mortal Kombat 11?

To counter a Kitana AI build, it’s important to understand her strengths and weaknesses. Kitana excels at mid-range zoning, mix-up potential, and launching devastating combo strings. Therefore, using characters with strong zoning abilities, quick or armored attacks, and effective punish options can give you an advantage. Additionally, learning to anticipate her common combos and using defensive strategies, such as blocking or evading, can help you counter her attacks.

Can I use a Kitana AI build for grinding towers and earning rewards?

Absolutely! A well-optimized Kitana AI build can be highly effective for grinding towers and earning rewards in Mortal Kombat 11. By equipping her with abilities and gear that enhance her combo potential and mix-up capabilities, she can swiftly defeat challengers in the towers, allowing you to progress through the game and obtain various rewards faster.

What are some recommended strategies for using Kitana’s AI build?

When utilizing Kitana’s AI build, several strategies can prove effective. One approach is to focus on maximizing combo damage by chaining together her special moves and stringing together long combo sequences. Another strategy is to utilize her zoning capabilities to keep opponents at a distance and frustrate them with the Fan-Nado ability. Mastering Kitana’s mix-up potential and unpredictability can also lead to success, allowing you to bamboozle opponents and maintain control of the match.

Is it possible to create a variation of Kitana’s AI build for specific matchups?

Yes, it is possible to create variations of Kitana’s AI build tailored to specific matchups. Certain abilities and gear pieces may be more effective against specific characters or playstyles. For example, if you’re facing a character with heavy zoning abilities, equipping Kitana with abilities that enhance her projectile countering capabilities can give you an advantage. It’s important to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and adjust Kitana’s build accordingly to maximize your chances of success.