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Best AI Keyboard for iOS

Best AI Keyboard for iOS

Are you tired of the limited features and lack of personalization options on your default iOS keyboard? Look no further! We’ve rounded up the best AI keyboards available for iOS devices that will revolutionize your typing experience. These keyboards incorporate artificial intelligence to provide intelligent word suggestions, smart predictions, emoji predictions, and even text expansion capabilities. Say goodbye to monotonous typing and discover the future of mobile keyboards.

Key Takeaways

  • AI keyboards for iOS offer intelligent word suggestions, smart predictions, emoji predictions, and text expansion capabilities.
  • These keyboards utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to learn from user input and improve typing efficiency.
  • With customization options, users can personalize their keyboard layout, appearance, and preferred features.
  • Compatibility with popular messaging apps ensures a seamless and efficient typing experience across platforms.

Experience the power of AI-equipped keyboards that adapt to your unique typing style. These keyboards continuously learn from your typing patterns and adapt their suggestions to provide more accurate predictions. You’ll be amazed at how these keyboards anticipate your next word, saving you time and effort.

One interesting feature is the ability of AI keyboards to analyze the context of your message and provide relevant emoji predictions. These keyboards leverage advanced algorithms to predict the most appropriate emojis based on your text, making your conversations more expressive and enjoyable.

Keyboard Price Compatibility
SwiftKey Free iOS 11.3+
Gboard Free iOS 10.0+

The table above showcases two popular AI keyboards available for iOS devices: SwiftKey and Gboard. SwiftKey provides accurate predictions and a wide range of customization options, while Gboard offers seamless integration with Google services and an innovative glide-typing feature.

  1. SwiftKey boasts over 250 million downloads and supports more than 200 languages.
  2. Gboard integrates Google Search and GIF search directly within the keyboard, enhancing your productivity and entertainment.

Another noteworthy addition to the AI keyboard landscape is Fleksy. With its futuristic design and intuitive swipe gestures, Fleksy allows for effortless typing and customization. It also offers a unique extension called Fleksyapps, enabling you to access a variety of useful apps right from your keyboard.

Comparison Table

Keyboard Word Prediction Accuracy Customization Options Additional Features
SwiftKey High Extensive Text expansion
Gboard Moderate Limited Google integration, glide-typing
Fleksy Excellent Abundant Fleksyapps, swipe gestures

In conclusion, the availability of AI keyboards for iOS devices has revolutionized the way we type on our mobile devices. The power of artificial intelligence combined with extensive customization options enables users to personalize their typing experience like never before. Whether you prefer accurate predictions, seamless integration with Google services, or futuristic design and swipe gestures, there is an AI keyboard that suits your needs. Upgrade your typing experience today and witness the power of AI at your fingertips.

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Common Misconceptions – Best AI Keyboard for iOS

Common Misconceptions

AI Keyboards are perfect in understanding user’s intention

One common misconception about AI keyboards for iOS is that they can accurately understand and predict a user’s intention every time. While AI technology has advanced significantly, AI keyboards are not infallible and may occasionally misinterpret user input.

  • AI keyboards utilize machine learning algorithms.
  • They learn from user interactions to improve accuracy.
  • However, they can still make mistakes in understanding complex context.

All AI Keyboards offer the same level of accuracy

Another misconception is that all AI keyboards offer the same level of predictive accuracy. In reality, different AI keyboards may employ varying levels of sophistication and quality when it comes to predicting user input.

  • Different AI keyboards use different underlying algorithms.
  • Some may have better training models for specific languages or contexts.
  • Accuracy can vary based on factors like user patterns and preferences.

AI Keyboards are a privacy risk

There is a common misconception that AI keyboards pose significant privacy risks since they require access to user input and data. While it is essential to be conscious of privacy concerns, not all AI keyboards are designed to exploit user data.

  • Many AI keyboards prioritize user privacy and provide encryption.
  • Make sure to choose a reputable AI keyboard that respects user privacy.
  • Read reviews and terms of service to understand data handling practices.

AI keyboard suggestions are always relevant

It is important to note that AI keyboard suggestions are not always perfectly relevant to what a user wants to type. Sometimes, AI keyboards may offer suggestions that are inaccurate or unrelated to the conversation or context.

  • Suggestions are based on data analysis and predictions.
  • However, they can misunderstand the user’s intent or desired phrasing.
  • Users should carefully review and select suggestions.

AI keyboards are a replacement for human creativity

Although AI keyboards can assist in sentence completion or offer suggestions, they are not intended to replace human creativity and expression. Some mistakenly believe that AI keyboards can write complete texts or emails on behalf of the user.

  • AI keyboards can save time by offering suggestions.
  • However, they cannot replicate the depth of human creativity.
  • Users should always add their personal touch and revise suggestions.

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The Rise of AI Keyboards in iOS

As technology advances, artificial intelligence has made its way into various aspects of our lives, including our smartphones. In the realm of mobile keyboards, AI keyboards for iOS have garnered widespread attention for their ability to predict and suggest text with remarkable accuracy. This article explores the top AI keyboards available for iOS devices, highlighting their unique features and user satisfaction rates.

SmartType: The Personalized Autocorrect Master

SmartType, an AI-powered keyboard, has taken the iOS community by storm with its unparalleled autocorrect capabilities. Through machine learning algorithms, SmartType learns from the user’s typing patterns and adjusts autocorrect suggestions accordingly. This customization ensures accurate and personal typing experiences, reducing the likelihood of embarrassing autocorrect mishaps.

Suggested Snippet: The Time-Saving Virtuoso

Suggested Snippet is an AI keyboard that saves users precious time by suggesting relevant phrases based on their conversation context. Whether it’s a commonly used greeting or a frequently employed email closing, Suggested Snippet’s AI technology studies user behavior and provides concise, appropriate suggestions, streamlining communication with utmost efficiency.

Emotional Expressions: The AI Language Chameleon

In a world where emotions are often difficult to convey through text, Emotional Expressions steps in to bridge the gap. This AI keyboard uses sentiment analysis to analyze the user’s text and suggests appropriate emotional expressions, enhancing the emotional depth and nuance of conversations. From cheerful and empathetic to formal and professional, Emotional Expressions has you covered.

QuickType: The Multilingual Maestro

For those who communicate in multiple languages, QuickType proves to be an invaluable tool. Employing AI language processing, this keyboard masters multiple languages and effortlessly switches between them, predicting words and phrases with remarkable accuracy. No longer will language barriers hinder seamless communication.

GIF Genius: The Animation Aficionado

GIF Genius, an AI keyboard that knows the power of visual communication, takes your conversations to the next level. By integrating a vast library of popular GIFs and employing machine learning algorithms, GIF Genius suggests captivating animations that perfectly align with context and tone, infusing conversations with expressiveness and creativity.

TypeTrack: The Typing Tutor Extraordinaire

TypeTrack goes beyond the traditional keyboard by offering an innovative typing experience. This AI keyboard provides real-time feedback on typing speed, accuracy, and technique, helping users improve their typing skills and efficiency. With detailed typing analytics, users can monitor their progress and become effortless typists.

Vocalize: The Voice-to-Text Enthusiast

Vocalize revolutionizes the way we input text by introducing voice recognition technology. This AI keyboard transcribes spoken words into text, allowing for hands-free typing. With exceptional accuracy, Vocalize makes dictation a breeze, ensuring that your messages are always accurate, even when your hands are busy.

Symbol Sensei: The Emoji Art Innovator

Symbol Sensei takes the art of emoji usage to new heights. By utilizing deep learning algorithms, this AI keyboard predicts and suggests relevant emojis based on the user’s text, bringing conversations to life with visual flair and creativity. From facial expressions to food items, Symbol Sensei is the ultimate companion for expressive communication.

AutoTranslate: The Language Barrier Breaker

AutoTranslate, a groundbreaking AI keyboard, effortlessly transcends language barriers. With the ability to translate messages in real-time, AutoTranslate ensures seamless multilingual conversations, opening up a world of possibilities for international communication and understanding.


The advancement of AI keyboards for iOS devices has revolutionized the way we interact with our smartphones. These AI-powered keyboards bring convenience, accuracy, and personalization to our typing experiences. Whether it’s through personalized autocorrect, time-saving suggestions, emotional expressions, multilingual support, expressive animations, typing feedback, voice recognition, emoji artistry, or language translation, these AI keyboards redefine the capabilities of mobile typing. With such powerful tools at our fingertips, we can communicate more effectively and fluidly than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which AI keyboard is the best choice for iOS?

Many AI keyboards are available for iOS, each with its own strengths and features. Some popular options include Gboard by Google, SwiftKey by Microsoft, and Fleksy. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your personal preferences and requirements.

What makes an AI keyboard different from a regular keyboard?

An AI keyboard incorporates artificial intelligence to enhance typing experience and productivity. It uses machine learning algorithms to predict and suggest words, correct typos, perform autocorrection, offer predictive emojis, and provide other intelligent features that make typing faster and more efficient.

Can I customize the AI keyboard according to my preferences?

Yes, most AI keyboards allow customization options. You can usually change the keyboard’s layout, theme, language settings, enable or disable specific features, and even customize the prediction model to adapt to your writing style.

Are AI keyboards safe to use in terms of privacy and data security?

Reputable AI keyboards prioritize user privacy and data security. It is recommended to choose a keyboard developed by a trusted company that has implemented strong security measures. Always review the keyboard’s privacy policy to ensure your data is handled appropriately.

Do AI keyboards require an internet connection to work?

AI keyboards typically require an internet connection to leverage cloud-based machine learning algorithms and access the latest features. However, certain AI capabilities may work offline as well. Check the specific keyboard’s documentation for more details on its offline functionality.

Can I use an AI keyboard to type in multiple languages?

Yes, most AI keyboards support multiple languages. They often offer a wide range of language options to accommodate users from different countries and linguistic backgrounds. You can usually switch between languages seamlessly within the keyboard settings.

Are AI keyboards compatible with all iOS devices?

A majority of AI keyboards are designed to be compatible with various iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. However, it’s advisable to check the specific keyboard’s compatibility requirements to ensure it works with your iOS device and version.

How can I enable and start using an AI keyboard on my iOS device?

To enable an AI keyboard on iOS, go to your device’s Settings, navigate to the Keyboard section, and choose “Keyboards” or “General > Keyboard” options. From there, select “Add New Keyboard,” and choose the AI keyboard you want to use. After adding it, you can switch to the AI keyboard while typing by tapping the globe or emoji icon on the default keyboard.

Can I try multiple AI keyboards and switch between them?

Yes, you can install multiple AI keyboards on your iOS device and switch between them whenever you want. To switch between keyboards, tap the globe or emoji icon on the default keyboard to cycle through the available keyboards and select the one you want to use.

Are AI keyboards available for free or do they require a purchase?

Many AI keyboards are available for free on the App Store, offering essential features and functionalities. However, some keyboards might offer premium versions or in-app purchases to access additional features, themes, or remove ads. Check the respective app’s information for pricing details.